Infinity Bottle

What is an Infinity Bottle? Have you ever wanted to be a Master Blender? Do you want your own home blend? Well, that is an Infinity Bottle. This is a home project that any whiskey lover can do. No experience necessary but you will learn some things as you go. This is the idea: pour small contributions, typically in the 1oz to 2oz pours, into an empty bottle from the whiskeys you enjoy. As time goes on this bottle begins to fill up and now is a representation of the whiskeys that you enjoyed.

There are a bunch of different methods to doing this. Some start completely empty and add equal amounts of each. You could start with a base amount of a whiskey you enjoy. Some mix everything, bourbon, ryes, and scotches into their infinity bottle. Others keep them separate. This is entirely up to you. Tip: be careful when adding peated whiskeys. The peat can really take over the entire infinity and can take a long time to blend back out.

Why “infinity”? This bottle never runs dry. You should always have some quantity in it. This bottle becomes a living catalog of all your favorite whiskeys. I keep track of mine with a spreadsheet and a written journal. At the end of each year, I also bottle a portion of it so that I have sealed bottles of my blend along the way. The Infinity Bottle is something you can share with friends and family during whiskey tastings. Its fun and creates unique conversations around it.

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