How Did I Get Into “Overlanding”?

Where to begin? Life creates obstacles for us to overcome.

I had a job change where I had to give up my company vehicle and my personal vehicles, Evo X and a track purpose built Miata, where not going to succeed in daily driver duties. Well I ended up parting ways with the Miata and found myself a low-mileage Toyota FJ Cruiser. Your asking yourself, why an FJ? I was spending a bunch of time hiking and backpacking and would have to borrow my wife’s SUV or bum rides with buddies. This was a pain and I had been already thinking about picking up a beater Tacoma to serve this role. With the need for daily duty and weekend trail head duty, I found myself looking at the FJ. I started using the FJ to get me to trail heads and found myself exploring more and more.

As time went on, I found myself spending time researching places to go and eventually I came across “overlanding”. This was a game changer for me. Kids. Wife. Family. They could now participate in my adventures with not a lot of effort (backpacking was not their thing lol). They were good sports and did do some day hikes but they were not going to be doing any weekend/week long backpacking trips. This is how I started down the overlanding path. Vehicle based camping for the family and exploring the world around me… OVERLANDING.

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