Xtrusion-Overland XTR1 Bed Rack (Part 1 of 3)

I had been in the market for a bed rack so that I can outfit the bed of the truck with gear and a roof top tent. After looking at many different manufactures and what they had to offer I had started planning on buying materials and building my own. I was in the process of sourcing aluminum and what I was going to need to set up my welder to work with aluminum when I came across a post on Facebook about these modular bed racks. I checked out the website and sent an email to the owner and within a few minutes of discussing it, I had made a purchase.

Here is what I ordered:
• Model – 5’5″ Short Bed
• Height – 13″
• Length – 58″
• Finish – Black Rugged Powder Coat & Black Anodize
• Base Brackets – Steel Wing/standard
• Additional Add-Ons – Reinforcement Plates & Handle Kit

NOTE: Website states “Rated Capacity (evenly distributed): 350 pounds dynamic and 1200 pounds static, or OEM Bed Rail capacity, whichever is less.”

As you can see below, once I received the package I could not wait to open it up and take a look. The packaging was much better than I expected for a 50 pound box. I expected it to be in rough shape from shipping but to my surprise it was in great shape upon arrival. Inside everything is wrapped in plastic and with foam. I was very happy with the packaging.

Part 2 Shows all the parts received and unwrapped.
Part 3 is the assembly of the XTR1 bed rack.

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