Old Forester RYE

I have had my eye on this Rye for awhile for two reasons: One – there are not a lot of Rye whiskey (or at least I struggle to find it) that doesn’t come from MGP. I actually really like MGP rye whiskey but I like to see others doing their own thing and experienceContinue reading “Old Forester RYE”

Sumas Mountain, Washington

This is my “I want to just go up into the mountains for a afternoon” spot. Never a disappointing trip that is local to me and has some great views. I have driven to the top many times. Taken family up for afternoon picnics. Hiked from the bottom to the top with friends. I evenContinue reading “Sumas Mountain, Washington”

Stranahan’s Sherry Cask

Came across this in a small town liquor store where selection consisted of all the main stream items and there sat this bottle of whiskey I had never seen nor heard of before, Stranahan’s Sherry Cask Single Malt Whiskey. This caught my attention and after looking it over, I figured why not. “Stranahan’s Sherry CaskContinue reading “Stranahan’s Sherry Cask”

DIY Bed Brace

I was doing a little reading and came across some posts about bed braces for Raptors and F150s. It seems that the aluminum box likes to wander outward under heavy off-roading or weight sitting on the bed rails. I started looking at what was on the market and found several that liked however, prices variedContinue reading “DIY Bed Brace”

Bald Lake, Washington

This is a seasonal destination by vehicle but can also be reached on foot throughout most of the year. This is a small and shallow lake in NW Washington located near the Mt. Baker National Forest and Canadian border. By gravel/dirt roads (which is all private forest land and the gate is closed 11 outContinue reading “Bald Lake, Washington”