On-Board Air

I find this to be one of my most utilized pieces of gear. I had the ARB Twin Compressor on my FJ and had excellent results so I went with the same for the Raptor. However, the mounting locations are not as good. I found a kit from a company called UpDownAir that made aContinue reading “On-Board Air”

How Did I Get Into “Overlanding”?

Where to begin? Life creates obstacles for us to overcome. I had a job change where I had to give up my company vehicle and my personal vehicles, Evo X and a track purpose built Miata, where not going to succeed in daily driver duties. Well I ended up parting ways with the Miata andContinue reading “How Did I Get Into “Overlanding”?”

Gen 2 Ford Raptor

Well the time had come to part ways with my Mitsubishi Evo and Toyota FJ. I was ready to move on from both vehicles but wanted to replace them with something from both worlds……. This is what I ended up with. A Gen 2 Ford Raptor. I will slowly be adding equipment to make thisContinue reading “Gen 2 Ford Raptor”