Twin Lakes

This relatively easy 7 mile trail is mostly composed of gravel/dirt Forest Service Road. It sees heavy traffic in the summer time do to some great hikes in the area. Yellow Aster Butte and Winchester Mountain are two very popular day hiking trails. Winchester Mountain also has an unmanned lookout that can be used asContinue reading “Twin Lakes”

Fortune Creek & Van Epps

May 2019 A buddy and I have been wanting to get up this trail and decided to make the drive from Bellingham to check it out. We had a great time. The lower trail before it crosses the road was completely open but we got to impassible snow around 4600 feet. We will be backContinue reading “Fortune Creek & Van Epps”

WABDR (Sections 5 & 6)

June 2018 First Annual “Dad Camp”! After reading about this trail that runs Washington State, north and south, from border to border, we had to check it out. My kids had been begging to do some camping and I was needing a vacation. They typically attended camps in the past summer and where looking forwardContinue reading “WABDR (Sections 5 & 6)”

How Did I Get Into “Overlanding”?

Where to begin? Life creates obstacles for us to overcome. I had a job change where I had to give up my company vehicle and my personal vehicles, Evo X and a track purpose built Miata, where not going to succeed in daily driver duties. Well I ended up parting ways with the Miata andContinue reading “How Did I Get Into “Overlanding”?”