Bald Lake, Washington

This is a seasonal destination by vehicle but can also be reached on foot throughout most of the year. This is a small and shallow lake in NW Washington located near the Mt. Baker National Forest and Canadian border. By gravel/dirt roads (which is all private forest land and the gate is closed 11 out of 12 months) the route is about 10 miles one way. I would rate the road conditions as easy as there is no need for for 4wd. Just a little clearance will help.

View as you Enter the Lake Area from the Trail.

This a great spot for a day trip to get away with friends and family for a lunch hangout. There is a short walk from the road to the lake that is approximately 75 yards and is easy to bring in a portable grill. No need for chairs in this area as there are plenty of rocks and logs to sit on (also the ground is not level anywhere).

View From the South Side of the Lake.

There is another route that requires a short hike along an old abandoned road if trying to get here during most of the year. This approach is from the Canyon Creek area. This approach requires about 14 miles of paved and dirt road travel one way along with a 2 mile hike.

View From the West Side of the Lake

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